6 reasons why public relations are important (+ You should start PR ASAP)

Public Relations is something for party girls and big companies? Wrong, you don’t have to be some sort of it-girl or media genius to enter the world of PR. Especially bloggers, startups and small businesses can use PR to grow their biz and brand fast! 6 reasons why public relations are important:

1. You’re visible. Very visible.

You’re not only visible for the readers, but Big Brother aka Google is also watching along. When they see your name or website is mentioned on the website of the magazine, newspaper of the blog – it will rank you higher. Double win! Because we all know how important it is to show up on the first page!

2. To boost authority in your niche.

PR is the best way to communicate to the public what your brand + biz is all about. This is harder to show on social media – even if you have a clear strategy. Telling your story in the media will boost your authority in your niche, you’ll become the go to person. And bonus, this attracts new media opportunities!

3. It’s free!

Okay okay, it does take a good few hours to build relationships and find how it all works, but it’s worth the investment! And yep, social media is free too, but social media is suuuper temporary, how soon will a tweet out of somebody’s timeline? And how lucky do you have to be to show up in somebody’s Facebook feed? If you’re visible in a magazine or featured on a blog, you’re here to stay. Sure people can skip that article, but if you’re featured in a monthly magazine, you’re there all month. No matter how many new magazines are stocked in the shop, you have a fixed place on the page!

4. Generates leads = more sales.

If you’re featured in the media, you’re out there. You reach new possible targets, you connect with your audience on a new level, your business establishes credibility and show people they should get X at yours, instead of your competitor.

5. People will believe you.

People are more likely to believe your story if they read it in an establishes newspaper than on your website. Because it’s somebody else telling them you’re amazing. In combination with an interview or quote, this is really powerful! You’ll build credibility overnight!

6. It will grow your biz overnight.

If you’ve ever been published you know how it helps grow your biz. You’ll find yourself from one day to another with a couple of thousands new followers. People who’re really curious about you, they wanna know everything about you. They followed you after reading about you. So they are potential customers, fans, lovers. Key is: keep them interested! How you do this? Get more media mentions and don’t forget to share your wins.. (scan articles and post to Facebook, tweet links)
Noni May